YOUNGSVILLE,Law Enforcement Associates (LEA) Corp., maker of the widely deployed Under Vehicle Inspection (UVI) systems, has launched a new product with its fully synthesized digital bodywire system.

The LEA digital bodywire systems are field programmable, 100 percent digital from transmission to reception and will be available in the first quarter of this year, the company says.

“Our digital bodywire system is a significant advancement in technology and we believe it will further advance our position in the surveillance and security industry,” said LEA President Paul Feldman. “This bodywire system will enhance law enforcement personnel’s ability to safely conduct undercover investigations and surveillance.”

LEA’s proprietary digital bodywire system comes with a transmitter, repeater and audio receiver. It can transmit and receive over a single frequency, enabling secure transmissions on one of 9,601 available frequencies.

Based in Youngsville, LEA has allocated resources on research and development over the past 12 months to the digital bodywire system.

In addition, the company says it has made “major enhancements” to its UVI system and launched an explosives detection kit called EDK123. This product is the first in a series of detection and prevention devices that LEA plans to make available to law enforcement personnel as well as the general public.

LEA is a spin-off from Sirchie Finger Print Labs, also located in Youngsville. It currently markets to the military, law enforcement, security and corrections personnel throughout the world, as well as governmental agencies, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations.

LEA Corp.: