PortalPlayer says it had developed the next generation of portable computer and consumer electronics devices with its Personal Media Player.

This device, the company says, will allow users to carry all their digital content with them, including music, audiobooks, photos, videos, movies and more.

PortalPlayer is eadquartered in Santa Clara, CA, but has an engineering group in Charlotte.

Just as PortalPlayer enabled the large and growing market for music jukeboxes, the company says it will deliver the silicon and software required to develop personal media players.

“PortalPlayer was one of the first companies to anticipate the demand for downloadable, portable music jukeboxes,” said Gary Johnson, president and CEO of PortalPlayer. “–Over the next several years, PortalPlayer will deliver the core technologies that allow consumers to enjoy all of their digital entertainment wherever they are.”

To support its Personal Media Player, PortalPlayer introduced the first in a new series of development platforms. It includes a system-on-chip, Firmware Development Kit and Software Development Kit.

Also, PortalPlayer says the Media Service Framework found in its new Personal Media Player development platform will support all of the leading downloadable media service providers, including Audible, Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series, Musicmatch, Napster, RealNetworks and more.

“With our track record in supporting multiple media formats, PortalPlayer is in an ideal position to enable industry-standard compatibility for downloadable video in the near future,” said Johnson. “Hollywood has a keen eye on video content protection, and since digital rights management technologies are in their infancy, PortalPlayer will build its next-generation platforms to integrate the predominant standards adopted by the leading movie studios and online media services.”

PortalPlayer: www.portalplayer.com