Nexus Software, a provider of cross-channel client middleware for financial services delivery, says it has deployed more than 100,000 active licenses to over 600 financial institutions in 100 countries.

These numbers have increased significantly recently from some 500 financial institutions in 88 countries used Nexus’ flagship device middleware known as INvolve, which helps with connectivity and communication among branch, teller and self-service customer channels.

“Our company goal is to provide a middleware solution that can easily adapt to new technologies and changing standards, regardless of the size or location of a financial institution,” said Robert Usner, director of product marketing and management for Nexus. “With our solutions active in 624 financial institutions in countries from Albania to Zimbabwe, we maintain our position as the global leader in banking middleware solutions.”

The INvolve family of cross-channel client middleware can be used in either single or cross-channel solution architectures to connect financial services solutions to multiple and varied sets of more than 250 banking-specific devices used with branch teller workstations, kiosks and ATMs.

Nexus’ latest software solution, INvolve 3.5 Advanced Branch extends the standard branch environment to include enhanced cash dispenser support, branch-wide teller/supervisor management, central branch audit facilities, branch cash management facilities covering all cash dispensing machines and cash drawers.

Raleigh-based Nexus also recently introduced an Image Processing concept, which extends image device connections within the branch to include a connection from retail banking solutions, such as branch automation, ATM and cross-channel solutions, to various image processing systems.

Nexus Software: