Joi Internet is hiring employees who are losing their jobs at competing ISP EarthLink, which recently announced it was cutting 1,300 jobs.

“We are expanding our call centers and need experienced, skilled workers to complement our free 24/7 customer service,” said Joi Founder and CEO Joe Egosi. “Joi is not outsourcing our customer service. Our customers expect top-notch service when they need it and we will continue to provide it to them.”

Joi says it has an immediate need to hire skilled workers in Atlanta, where both it and EarthLink are based. The company is also seeking workers for a new call center planned in the Southeast.

“We want to hire as many skilled employees as we can right now,” adds Egosi. “Between Atlanta and the new planned call center, we need about 100 skilled workers. Joi Internet completed a major nationwide expansion at the end of 2003 by adding 7,000 local access numbers on the West Coast, in the Southeast and elsewhere.”

Additionally, Joi says it recently launched a major marketing and advertising campaign in the expanded markets, resulting in a surge of new customers.

“We need to reinforce our workforce,” Joi Vice President of Marketing David Norman comments. “The recent downsizing at EarthLink of their in-house call centers comes at a good time. We want to take advantage of this opportunity to hire experienced ISP customer service representatives as we anticipate doubling our customer base during 2004.”

Joi Internent: