INC Research has promoted Renee Simar, director of INC Pediatrics, to the position of vice president.

Simar, who helped form the INC Pediatrics division over 3 years ago in order to assist pharmaceutical and biotech customers with pediatric drug development, will continue to lead the group in addition to her new role.

“Dr. Simar is an ardent advocate for the ethical, practical and thoughtful conduct of pediatric clinical trials,” stated James Ogle, CEO of INC Research. “With over 15 years experience in medical research, she has developed a distinctive acumen for the complex regulatory, consent, recruitment and retention issues which so dramatically impact the success of clinical trials in neonates, infants, children and adolescents. Dr. Simar and her experienced team clearly recognize pediatric subjects are not just little adults, but important patients with specialized needs.”

Prior to joining INC, Simar was as an independent consultant to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the areas of pediatric and adult drug development. Currently, she serves as a board member on an independent ethics committee.

Simar was trained in neuropharmacology and served as assistant professor of pediatrics at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, where she held the position of assistant director of the Children’s Clinical Research Center and associate pharmacologist for the Pediatric Pharmacology Research Unit. She now serves as adjunct associate professor of pediatrics.

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