Jim Geiger, the founder and CEO of Cbeyond Communications, has been named chairman of the Association for Local Telecommunications Services (ALTS).

Cbeyond is a local voice and broadband services company in Atlanta that also serves customers in Texas and Colorado. It claims to have the world’s first fully Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) local phone network.

“Since the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, we’ve fought a battle of incremental progress against the extraordinary policy-making power of the mammoth Bell companies and their desperate fight to maintain their monopoly status,” said Geiger. “ALTS has been a voice of passion for the consumer and a voice of reason in what has been a fractious debate–.”

Geiger also noted that Washington-based ALTS, created in 1987, is dedicated to keeping telecom markets open and breaking down barriers to competition.

“ALTS’ strategy is simple: We want to preserve the pro-competitive landscape in place today to ensure all carriers can continue to compete in local markets in order that customers have a choice for local telephone service,” he said. “We want to ensure non-discriminatory access to the last mile bottleneck facilities as required by the Act. Our customers deserve no less.”

Cbeyond: www.cbeyond.net