The upcoming 2004 Emerging Issues Forum will focus on successful responses by companies and industries to the dislocation that comes with the new openness of the world economy.

The forum will be held Feb. 9-10 at N.C. State University’s McKimmon Center in Raleigh.

National and international leaders from business, government, and academia will explore the implications global trade has on North Carolina, how the old and new economies are merging to form new alliances and new products, and how our communities can be competitive in creating jobs.

Keynote speaker Richard Wagner, president and CEO of General Motors, will discuss ways that industry has changed and transformed to survive in the new economy. CEO since 2000, Wagoner has been credited with modernizing GM’s culture to increase efficiency and productivity.

Other speakers include N.C. Rep. Sue Myrick, who will share her views on whether we gone too far with our trade policies; Mac Holladay, an economic development consultant in the Southeast who will discuss what communities and regions should do to be competitive; Graham Meadows, regional policy director for the European Commission to relate examples of European communities that have implemented successful regional development strategies; and Mario Rubert, a business recruiter from Barcelona, a city that is putting economic development ideas into practice.

The Emerging Issues Forum is a program of the Institute for Emerging Issues at N.C. State and was started in 1985 by former Gov. Jim Hunt, who still serves as its chair.

Emerging Issues Forum: