Wave7 Optics is helping Columbus Telephone Co. construct a new “fiber-to-the-premises” (FTTP) network in Kansas reaching all of the company’s almost 3400 subscribers.

Set to begin this month, this new optical network, with an expected completion date in the fourth quarter of 2004, will feature more capacity and higher data transmission speeds.

The Wave7 Optics’ Last Mile Link (LML) solution will allow Columbus Telephone Co. to provide each of their customers access speeds from 256 kbps up to a maximum of 500 Mbps “symmetrical” service.

Furthermore, the LML uses standard data, telephone and CATV interfaces at its customer premise devices accommodating existing home and business telephone, television and computer systems.

“‘Help America Discover Columbus’ is the community slogan…and we look forward to working with Columbus Telephone and their construction partners to make it a reality,” said Tom Tighe, CEO of Wave7 Optics in Atlanta. “With hundreds of communities across the U.S. ‘going optical,’ FTTP is gaining momentum across the U.S. and it will have a dramatic impact on broadband policy and services.”

Wave7 Optics: www.wave7optics.com