SourceHorizon recently launched its first subsidiary,, an online matchmaking service for buyers and suppliers of custom manufactured parts for a wide variety of industries.

Perry Gathings, president chief executive officer of SourceHorizon, says he noticed a need to streamline the RFQ (request for quotes) process, both for buyers and suppliers.

“ provides North Carolina suppliers the opportunity to generate business from all over the world simply by registering as a supplier on our web site,” said Gathings, who works with with Brian Self, vice president and chief operating officer.

Suppliers who register with are entered into a database that allows them access to RFQs. Registered buyers have access to information about the suppliers who bid on their RFQ’s. Registering as a buyer or supplier is free.

According to the Institute for Supply Management, 90 percent of buyers worldwide are looking at the Internet for purchasing. While working in custom manufacturing, Gathings and Self say they noticed a trend of buyers turning to the Internet to find new and better sources for parts.

“We asked ourselves – what if a simple solution exists? One that enables North Carolina custom manufacturers to leverage their collective strengths, outpace the competition and reach buyers at the point of purchase,” said Gathings. “The marketplace is our solution.”

The services available through are project management and supplier audits. The company also can handle all aspects of a project, as well as conduct supplier audits.