Carolinas HomeCare, the fourth largest healthcare provider in the United States, will use a mobile imagery system for real time review of patient wounds as part of a pilot study.

Carolinas HomeCare will use a system developed by ActivePhoto, a California based firm, for the service.

ActivePhoto will provide a hosted media server for patient confidentiality while transmitting wound images from nursing field visits, the company said.

“The real-time images are taken by the field practitioner using a specially customized digital camera with image labeling and wireless capability,” ActivePhoto explained in a statement. “The images are properly labeled by the field practitioner for capture of the wound image, along with the identification of the practitioner, date, and episode of care case number. These images are dynamically available on ActivePhoto’s secure website for real-time or anytime viewing and retrieval by authorized specialist staff along with the capability to send alerts via email or pager that wound images have been uploaded for review.”