Research Triangle Software says the demand is increasing for its CryptoStick, which companies use to transport business files in an encrypted and protected fashion.

RTS says it has seen demand for the CryptoStick increase across all industries. Customers include Clarkston Consulting, Southern Capitol Ventures, MCNC, Brand Fuel Promotions, Hutchison & Mason and Daniels Daniels & Verdonik.

“We have been looking for a portable encryption device that keeps content secure, but remains easy to use,” said Jim Verdonik with Daniels Daniels & Verdonik. “The CryptoStick meets all of our needs, allowing our attorneys to safely carry confidential information.”

The CryptoStick is a portable encryption device that is small enough to fit on a key chain. It comes loaded with the P.I. Protector and CryptoBuddy 2.0 software to keep files secure and protected, as well as enabling private Internet browsing, mobile email and file synchronization. For most business information, the device can potentially hold up to three times as much data due to the compression feature in the CryptoBuddy software.

“Security spending continues to remain a top priority for most organizations,” said Jeff LeRose, chief executive officer of RTS. “Companies have focused in the past on the protection of data inside their offices and now the CryptoStick ensures all confidential data is secure when it is physically carried by employees.”

Research Triangle Software: