Expression Analysis (EA), a microarray genetics testing firm, has created a partnership with InPharmix, an Indiana-based bioinformatics company.

Through this alliance, EA says it can help customers extract value from their microarray experiments by comparing genomic test results with information in the biomedical literature.

EA will offer this service using InPharmix’ PDQ_MED literature search product, which finds and analyzes more than 10 million records in MedLine for relationships among sets of genes under investigation.

“We are extremely pleased with the prospect of helping customers better understand the basis and functionality of their gene expression results with the incorporation of this valuable and highly respected product,” said Steven Casey, founder and COO of EA. “As a dedicated service organization, Expression Analysis strives to provide researchers with solid, reliable and reproducible data that enable them to gain much more insight into their gene-expression results and to make more informed decisions regarding their research.”