CARY –Simulation learning company 3Dsolve has introduces its simulation engine, known at 3Dnerve.

This proprietary engine is being developed by 3Dsolve to address the needs of the simulation learning market, including military training. 3Dnerve is the first simulation engine to be optimized for simulation learning users, with a particular focus on the defense and homeland security markets, the company says.

“3Dnerve will give us a huge advantage in the simulation learning market,” said Richard Boyd, CEO of 3Dsolve. “–We will have a unique engine designed specifically for the needs of our customers. The result will be more accurate and productive simulations, leading to better training and analysis for the men and women working to protect our country in today’s complex threat environment.”

Beginning in the first quarter of 2004, 3Dsolve will incorporate 3Dnerve into its new product development, with initial product deliveries expected in the second half of 2004.