Internet Security Systems (ISS) has unveiled its new line of protection products, the Proventia M50.

The Proventia M50 automatically blocks viruses, unauthorized access, network attacks, malicious code, hacker exploits and hybrid threats like SQL Slammer, Code Red and MS Blaster.

Furthermore, the Proventia M50 unifies firewall, virtual private network (VPN), anti-virus, and intrusion detection and prevention into one engine, under one management system, to protect at the network and the gateway.

“The Proventia M50 replaces multiple stand-alone security products with a single appliance, blocking all types of threats with one protection engine,” said Greg Adams, vice president of product management for ISS. “The Proventia M50 all-in-one protection appliance reduces total cost of ownership, protects against multiple threats and is easy to install and manage–.”

In the future, ISS says Proventia M50 customers will be able to add application protection, content filtering and anti-spam functionality in security content update.