Enterprise business services software provider DWL has released the latest version its Java-based framework Unifi.

DWL says the Unifi update will allow financial services organizations to deliver new business transactions and improve the performance of their current web applications by unifying them under a single framework.

“Many financial services organizations have created first- and second-generation web applications and web sites for their customers, distribution partners and employees,” said Bruce McPherson, vice president of product management at DWL in Atlanta. “–The latest version of DWL Unifi provides a proven framework for building these transactional business services using common technologies–.”

The single business transaction framework is powered by DWL Unifi Front End Management System (FEMS), which allows for integration with third-party presentation solutions, such as IBM WebSphere Portal Server and Macromedia Flash MX, and gives them full access to the application and business services available in DWL Unifi.

These services, developed through years of work, ensure quality of service required by web transactional applications and give organizations flexibility and simplicity in developing and provisioning new transactions across web channel applications, DWL says.

DWL: www.dwl.com