Mobile Reach International has concluded the expansion into its new corporate location, allowing the company to double its sales force.

Earlier this month, Brian Balbirnie, vice president of operations for Mobile Reach, told Local Tech Wire that the company had added four sales executives since moving into the new office.

Now with 22 employees, Balbirnie said Mobile Reach was looking to hire more. He predicted the company’s staff could reach 30 by the end of this year or early next year.

Major Lackey, VP of sales for Mobile Reach, says the company has identified several key markets and continues to hire in specific geographical regions where both partners and clients have a need for its mobility solutions.

“The individuals that we are indoctrinating into our comprehensive sales program come to us with many years of technology sales and diverse industry backgrounds,” Lackey said in a statement. “We really have brought together a world class sales organization, which will no doubt assist our customers in mobilizing their business processes.”

With the recent expansion and investment that has taken place within the organization, Mobile Reach says the move yielded an increase in size of their facilities by four times its original location. While remaining in the same office building in Cary, the company expanded from 3,000 to 12,000 square feet.

The expanded space houses the Mobility Education Center, which showcases the latest in mobile technology products and solutions to customers. In addition to an executive briefing center, the new facility also houses the Mobile Reach training center for internal and client training classes.

“We are very excited about the move to our new facility,” says Aaron East, director of business development for Mobile Reach. “The relocation has improved the morale and effectiveness of our employees greatly. There is a buzz around the office and a definite pride of ownership on the side of our employees.”

In addition to its recent move and hires, Mobile Reach has landed customers such as Borders Group and Lockheed Martin, adding to existing contracts with Wal-Mart, Hershey’s, Time Warner Cable and Duke Health.

Balbirnie said the “pipeline is booked” as Mobile Reach continues to negotiate with several more clients. He says the company could announce up to six more deals similar in size to recent wins by the end of the year.

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