Network Computing magazine has named Internap’s Flow Control Platform 100 (FCP 100) as the “Editor’s Choice” for route optimization.

The Internap FCP 100 received an “A” rating, the highest score of all route optimization tools the magazine reviewed.

The review, part of a feature on route optimization in the Dec. 9 issue, states: “The FCP 100 had the best combination of features, functionality and management of all four products tested. It had excellent reporting, superior management options and it outperformed the others at crunching the vast amount of information gathered into meaningful reports.”

In addition, the review noted the path diversity feature of the FCP 100 that enables network engineers to determine the convergence points of their service providers and make intelligent decisions about provider diversity and network performance.

“This review validates not just the outstanding performance of our FCP product line, but also the value of route optimization for multi-homed enterprises,” said Ali Marashi, chief technology officer and vice president of engineering for Internap. “With the Flow Control Platform, enterprises can dramatically improve the performance of their applications, reduce the costs of their IP network and generate a return on investment in months.”