HAVELOCK,Over the weekend, Sprint continued its North Carolina local network conversion from circuit to packet switching.

The exchange in Havelock, home to Cherry Point Military Corps. Air Station, is the latest to migrate to the next-generation network, which is based on voice over Internet protocol technology.

“This is an exciting announcement for the Havelock area,” said Steve Parrott, Sprint’s state executive for North Carolina. “The transformation from circuit to packet keeps the businesses and customers in the communities we serve at the leading edge of telecommunications.”

A packet network enables voice, video and data traffic to be “broken down” into smaller pieces (packets) and simultaneously sent across the same path. Sprint is migrating 8 million of its lines to a packet system.

Prior to the Havelock cutover, Sprint made conversions in Clinton and Jacksonville, another military town that is home to Camp Lejeune.

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