A new standard approved in a vote by the more than 100 member organizations of the HR-XML Consortium allows employers to order, manage, and apply assessments from within their recruiting solution of choice.

Version 1.0 of the HR-XML Consortium’s Assessments Standard is designed to support orders to third-party suppliers of assessment services as well as the return of assessment status and results.

The Assessments Standard can be applied to assessments of “hard skills,” such as those acquired through training and education, as well as soft skills, such as customer orientation, analytical thinking, and leadership.

The HR-XML Consortium’s Assessment’s Workgroup is planning future releases of the standard that will support additional options, such as the discovery of available assessment instruments based on the particular competencies an employer may want to assess.

Based in Raleigh, HR-XML is an independent, non-profit consortium dedicated to enabling e-commerce and inter-company exchange of human resources data worldwide.

HR-XML: www.hr-xml.org