CHARLOTTE – What’s next for Matt Michalewicz?

We may know soon.

NuTech Solution’s founding chief executive officer, who was asked to step-down by the company’s board earlier this year, is in South America and plans to continue traveling until February, he tells Local Tech Wire.

“I’ll spend two weeks in Egypt this month and a couple of weeks in Greece in January. Then I’ll be back in Charlotte,” he says. And Michalewicz may be back in business soon.

“A lot of NuTech’s investors have approached me and offered significant capital for any new business I decide to start, so I might take them up on it.”

NuTech received considerable national press coverage for signing marquee names to board advisor positions. They include Lech Walesa, hero of Solidarity and leader in post-cold war Poland, former presidential advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Bank of America chairman Hugh McColl, and Frank Abagnale, subject of the Steven Spielberg blockbuster movie, “Catch Me if You Can,” about his exploits as an impostor and master check forger.

Michalewicz was asked to step down “without cause” and to praise for his role in establishing NuTech.

In a typical refrain from start-ups dumping founders as CEOs, the company “thought it was time to look for more experienced management,” Dan Cullen, chief operating officer of the company told LTW at the time.

“After NuTech, I decided to take some time off and think about the next thing I’ll start or get involved in,” Michalewicz tells us in an email from South America, where he’s been for the last month.

He’s taking in some pretty amazing sights, too.

“I’ll continue traveling until early February,” he writes. “I have a personal interest in lost civilizations and natural wildlife. I’m visiting Easter Island, the Inca capital Cusco in Peru and the Inca lost city of Machu Picchu, along with several other locations such as the famous Nazca lines and the wildlife haven of the Galapagos Islands.”

Nutech makes artificial intelligence software that helps companies streamline their operations.