CHAPEL HILL,Deciding to more closely identify its company with the growing Sarbanes-Oxley compliance market, Buoy 5 software is now known as Integrify.

The name change was announced Tuesday.

The passage of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation following the Enron and other corporate scandals has forced public companies to improve record keeping, tighten management controls, and also pay more attention to board selection as well as board oversight.

Integrify already is targeting that market with products such as iApprove and Integrify Clarity.

“The name change to Integrify from Buoy5 builds on a strong market position which we will extend as we evolve the Integrify brand,” said David Willsey, president and chief executive officer of Integrify in a statement. “The Integrify name is synonymous with reliability, stability, data integrity and clarity into corporate process and internal controls.

“The coexistence of our iApprove and Integrify Clarity products offers our customers and channel partners a powerful choice of solutions for process improvement and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, backed by a distinctive name that differentiates our relevant, enduring and credible promise of trust and value – Integrify.”

Integrify develops enterprise software designed to improve process management. Internal controls, compliance and productivity through web-based applications.

Integrify has a growing customer list of high-profile companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, National Commerce Financial, Thomson Financial, Northrop Grumman, MidAmerican Energy Holdings and Cardinal Logistics Management.

As part of the change, Integrify also renamed a host of products:

  • Buoy5 iApprove becomes iApprove from Integrify
  • Buoy5 Clarity becomes Clarity from Integrify
  • Powered by iApprove becomes Powered by iApprove from Integrify
  • The Buoy5 PartnerFlow Program becomes TeamIntegrify
  • Buoy5 Professional Services becomes Integrify Global Services
  • Integrify has offices in Chicago and the Netherlands.