Sony Ericsson has launched a new developer web portal and a new membership program.

The new initiatives are in response to strong interest in the company’s application and content-led strategy, it says, and coincides with the announcement of the new P900 smartphone, as well as a range of other phones, such as the T630 and Z600.

All Sony Ericsson documentation, Software Development Kits and development tools that were previously located at Ericsson Mobility World (EMW) can now be found on the new Sony Ericsson Developer World portal. Product information, tips, tricks and code samples for developing applications and content for all Sony Ericsson mobile phones are also provided on Sony Ericsson Developer World.

Registered members will be able to search and participate in the community forums and access a knowledge base of more than 300 support queries and solutions. Current members of EMW will be offered membership to the new Sony Ericsson Developer World.

Based on the developer’s needs, there are three different membership levels: Community, Core and Core+ Member. For selected developers with whom Sony Ericsson has entered into a partner agreement to secure strategic applications development in time for new product launches, there will also be a fourth level: Core++ Member.

The re-launch includes a number of enhanced developer services. Access to selected phones before these become commercially available is one important new service Sony Ericsson will offer to its Core and Core+ members.

“Supporting the developer community in creating the necessary applications for our products is vital to the success of the products’ take-off in the market,” said Rikko Sakaguchi, senior vice president and head of product & application planning at Sony Ericsson. “In the current transition from regular voice-usage of phones towards full-fledged multimedia services, it is important to ensure a steady flow of attractive applications and content for Sony Ericsson phones. Sony Ericsson Developer World is a central initiative to achieve this.”

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