Computer Network Power (CNP) and Shoreline Communications of Sunnyvale, CA, have teamed up to release new software and hardware products.

Shoreline 4.3, the latest version of Shoreline’s multi-site IP PBX, integrates a new softphone and find-me features with the company’s Personal Call Manager interface. It is complemented by two new contact center products, new ShoreGear Voice Switch product configurations and enhanced administrative assistant solutions.

“With Shoreline4.3, the mobility enabled by convergence becomes affordable and practical for almost any business,” said John Garrett, director of CNP in Charlotte. “Shoreline has transformed telephony from a static utility to a virtual work environment that equips our customers to exploit opportunities whenever and wherever they arise. And the unique find-me capabilities and next-generation softphone are based on a proven voice platform that operates across multiple sites and ensures our customers more reliability and fault tolerance than traditional PBX and key-system technologies.”

Approximate per user pricing is $800 for Shoreline 4.3, $500 for the Shoreline Contact Center, and $1,500 for the fully featured Enterprise Contact Center.