WASHINGTON –Sprint has been selected by National Public Radio (NPR) to deliver a wide range of voice services and new anti-spam, anti-virus email protection software.

Through a new multiyear agreement, Sprint is now the primary voice carrier for NPR, which distributes its programming to a global audience of 22 million weekly listeners over more than 750 public radio stations.

NPR is also implementing Sprint Email Protection Services to reduce the threat of viruses and cut down on the unwanted spam emails that can clog its servers.

The new agreement also includes all of NPR’s voice services, including toll-free calling and intra-company communications. Hundreds of NPR reporters domestically and worldwide will use the Sprint network to deliver stories.

For special news events, Sprint will set up temporary connections so reporters can deliver the latest news from virtually any location. Additionally, the 36 news bureaus across the United States and the world will use Sprint to connect to NPR headquarters in Washington, DC.

“Hundreds of reporters and local public radio stations across America bring NPR to life everyday. Sprint’s mission is now to ensure that each of their voices can be heard, whether by phone or email, all of the time, every time,” said Gary Linsin, vice president of Sprint Business in the Southeast area. “Sprint had previously provided some services to NPR, and our ability to deliver an outstanding customer experience — helped us expand that relationship to become NPR’s primary voice communications provider.”

Sprint: www.sprint.com