Mi-Co has formed a strategic partnership with European firm eMiddleware to bring digital writing solutions to the global market.

The collaboration combines the data capture and digital writing technology of the Mi-Forms Software System from Mi-Co with the technical services and software solutions of eMiddleware.

This alliance will bring data capture and digital writing applications and solutions to the global market place in such vertical areas as banking and finance, healthcare and municipal services, Mi-Co says, as well as allow the RTP-based company to extend its support and service to the UK and continental Europe.

“Mi-Co is extremely pleased that our first alliance in Europe is with an organization with a proven track record like eMiddleware”, stated Barrett Joyner, senior vice president for sales and marketing at Mi-Co. “The knowledge and experience of eMiddleware personnel in the area of technical solutions, data capture and digital writing — is an excellent addition to the Mi-Co alliance program.”

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