Numerex (Nasdaq: NMRX) has officially launched VendView, the newest addition to its wireless data solutions portfolio.

The service will enable vending machine operators to manage the quality, security and delivery of their products while tracking purchase trends, re-stocking levels and asset security.

The new offering utilizes Numerex’s Cellemetry network for ubiquitous communications coverage throughout North America, providing remote monitoring of vending machines 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Numerex says it will market and sell VendView as a solution offering both the vending device and the remote monitoring data service that are expected to generate both one-time product revenues and monthly recurring service revenues, respectively.

“We have been diligently testing this solution with several prominent bottling companies in Mexico since early this year with results that have been very well received,” said Mike Marett, executive vice president of operations at Numerex. “As a direct result of favorable trials, we have received several orders and expressions of interest for VendView product and service.”

In addition, Marett said, customers are actively sharing the trial results with other prospective customers.