Open-source software maker JBoss Group has resolved a long-standing dispute with Sun Microsystems over a key Java standard.

The two companies announced this week that Atlanta-based JBoss has licensed testing software that will allow the open-source company to bring it in line with Sun’s Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) standard version 1.4.

JBoss is testing its product with Sun’s J2EE 1.4 Compatibility Test Suite, a suite of tests, tools and documentation that provides a standard way of testing an implementation for compatibility with the J2EE specification.

“At this stage, we are able to make this major financial commitment because of the impressive success JBoss Group is experiencing with production and developer support, plus training around JBoss,” said Marc Fleury, founder of and president of JBoss Group. “As JBoss grows in popularity for both development and deployment, JBoss Group believes it’s important to invest the funds and resources necessary to test and certify JBoss. It will further cement partnerships with major independent software vendors and the largest enterprises and system integrators.”

The resolution of the Sun-JBoss negotiations ends a multiyear conflict between the two companies.

Sun complained that JBoss was claiming to provide a J2EE-compliant application server, even though JBoss had not invested the time and money required to undergo the certification tests.

JBoss, meanwhile, complained that Sun was asking for too much money…in the “high six figures,” according to Fleury…and questioned whether the J2EE brand was worth the certification effort.

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