Editor’s note: RTP Beat is a regular feature on Thursdays.In these days of rapidly improving game technology — from better special effects to more lifelike movements — most attention is paid to the game developers, not the mechanics powering the high-tech razzle-dazzle.

But at NDL in Chapel Hill, its 3D graphics game engine known as Gamebryo is well known to the people creating worlds such as “Dark Age of Camelot” and “Traitors Gate.”

Now, NDL is lining up more customers in Asia and Australia through a new agreement with Gamebase, which is based in Korea. Gamebase will promote Gamebryo to developers across Asia and Australia.

“Developers are showing a strong interest in Gamebryo with a number of major Korean game companies using the technology,” said J.Y. Park, president of Gamebase, in a statement issued by NDL. He cited the “more flexible tools” provided by Gamebryo as a major strength of the engine.

Gamebryo can be utilized across multiple game-development platforms, adding to its appeal.

John Austin, president of NDL, said the deal with Gamebase is part of NDL’s effort to “expand our global network in the gaming community.” He same Gamebase has “a proven track record” in working with Asian game developers.

Korean developers already have used Gamebryo, such as Nexon Corporation, which develops so-called massively multiplayer online games, and Hanbit Soft.

Gamebryo also has been licensed by a variety of other developers this year.

“NDL has continued to provide us with the most flexible tools available to create new graphic features and environments for our market-leading games,” said Rob Denton, chief technology officer of Mythic Entertainment and developer of the Camelot series in a recent games magazine. “Gamebryo helps us ensure our players have the most advanced 3D graphics while enjoying unparalleled online game play.”

Mythic licensed Gamebryo for its newest title in the series, “Trials of Atlantis.” NDL has worked with Mythic since 1999, and an expansion pack for “Dark Age of Camelot” was named “Online Game of the Year” by two different publications.

Another satisfied customer is DreamCatcher, publisher of Traitors Gate. It is using Gamebryo for development of games across multiple platforms, including PCs, Xbox, PlayStation2 and Nintendo GameCube.

“We licensed Gamebryo because of the capabilities the technology provides and the time it saves our development teams throughout the entire process,” said Richard Wah Kan, chief executive officer of DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. when the deal was disclosed. “With the Gamebryo tools and NDL’s support team, our developers can reduce risk and deliver a blockbuster game.”

Gamebryo also has been licensed for use in the remake of “Sid Meier’s Pirates.”

NDL: www.ndl.com

Better book buying?

Richard Holcomb passes on an interesting free gift courtesy of his new startup, StrikeIron, a web services developer.

“Since I started working in software 20 years ago I have struggled to answer the question from friends and relatives of ‘just what do you do anyway?’ Most of my companies and projects have been focused on pretty technical stuff that was hard for non-programmers to understand,” he said in an e-mail sent to friends and family.

“My new company, StrikeIron, is possibly the most difficult to explain, but we just created a free book buying application as an example application of the types of things we do.

“The surprising thing is that people are thrilled with the application because it is really great for finding the lowest on-line price for books. So I thought I would share it with you since it’s so cool and so many of you have asked about what StrikeIron is doing.

“Our BetterBookBuyer sample application lets you search for and compare prices between Amazon.com and four other book vendors without having to individually open and search through multiple websites.

“The application was designed to illustrate a business point, but for most of people the bottom line is that you can save tons of money on your holiday shopping!”

If you want to check it out, visit:


A benefit of re-sellers and partners

Barrett Joyner, head of sales and marketing at Mi-Co, passes on this benefit of having partners:

“Sometimes mobile data capture applications take you to some rough neighborhoods, especially in a city like Boston. The last time Greg Clary (the CTO and co-founder) and I were on a site visit on Massachusetts Avenue, we walked on to the sidewalk, heard gunshots and checked to see if our rental car had been stolen.

“Greg turned to me and said, ‘Let’s give this account to Appingo and get back to North Carolina now!’

“Working with Mi-Co can not only be incredibly rewarding for our partners, we can add a real touch of excitement!”

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