Pinpoint Networks and PalmGear have initiated a partnership and joint strategy to broaden the availability of Palm software.

As part of this partnership, PalmGear will implement Pinpoint’s Fuel technology to facilitate Over the Air (OTA) provisioning of Palm applications from the site.

PalmGear will now offer their customers a way to purchase applications not only from their PC but also directly from their OTA-enabled Palm Powered devices.

Pinpoint’s Fuel technology manages the sourcing and delivery of mobile content, enabling mobile content distribution channels and solutions, while PalmGear provides essential distribution services to the Palm OS developer community.

“The partnership with PalmGear is a big win for Pinpoint in two ways. First we’re excited that our Fuel solution has been selected by PalmGear to support their developers and customers,” said Tim Horan, vice president of sales and business development at Pinpoint. “Second, we can now satisfy our customer and distribution partners’ need to support their growing base of end users with network-enabled Palm Powered devices like the new Handspring Treo 600 and Palm Tungsten W with the largest catalog of Palm applications.”

In addition, PalmGear will distribute their Palm OS content catalog through Pinpoint’s mobile operator customers and media partners.