Coventor will supply the National Program for Smart Materials (NPSM) in India with a suite of software products for its MEMS Initiative Program.

NPSM consists of a consortium of labs such as the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), currently developing MEMS (microelectromechanical system) devices.

Through its partnership with Cary-based Coventor, NPSM will install CoventorWare MEMS design software at its IIT locations in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Kharagapur.

The software will assist these institutions in developing MEMS design centers for post-graduate and other research in the areas of magnetic, electromechanical and optical sensors and microfluidic applications.

The NPSM states that the selection of Coventor MEMS software and the establishment of the MEMS design centers is to meet India’s future government requirements in the aerospace and defense industries. It will also serve to promote the technology in commercial sectors such as automobile, chemical, processing and medicine.

CoventorWare will be distributed throughout India by Future Techno Designs, which will also assist with training and support for CoventorWare users.