Three of the nation’s leading technology companies are joining forces to pursue the contract for processing state Medicaid claims and implementing a replacement N.C. Medicaid Management Information System.

EDS, Accenture and Cary-based SAS will pursue the contract as a team, known as CareAlliance. Together, the three companies employee almost 7,500 in North Carolina.

EDS, the state’s Medicaid partner since 1977, says it sought to build a team with the experience to help North Carolina better manage program information, process provider claims faster and generate cost savings.

After an 18-month search, EDS invited Accenture and SAS to join CareAlliance.

“Many of the skilled nursing facilities across North Carolina depend on timely Medicaid payments to continue to provide quality care. It’s imperative that the state choose a reliable partner who can maintain the same level of stability we have enjoyed for the past three decades,” said Craig Souza, president of the N.C. Health Care Facilities Association. “CareAlliance is a collaboration of high quality companies who will continue the tradition of timely payments and efficient services to which providers are accustomed.”