Sprint has completed an implementation of voice and data communications services to more than 6,500 Dollar General stores across 27 states, including 363 in North Carolina and 231 in South Carolina.

Through a three-year agreement, Sprint is providing long-distance voice services, virtual private network, interactive voice response, frame relay and Internet Protocol services.

“We’re pleased to have implemented Dollar General’s services in an efficient manner which essentially was transparent to their employees,” said Claire James, regional vice president for Sprint Business in the Southeast. “Sprint is focused on providing services for retailers to help them enhance communications, remain competitive in their industry and better serve their customers.”

Dollar General, based in Goodlettsville, TN, is a Fortune 500 that employees more than 50,000 people and has annual revenues over $6 billion.

George Climer, director of technical services for Dollar General, said Sprint’s network reliability, customer service and portfolio of solutions were key to the company’s decision.

“The implementation was smooth and quick,” Climer said, “more than 6,500 stores in just 45 days.”

Sprint: www.sprint.com