Castle Worldwide has completed the development of two new multiple choice certification exams that can be taken by computer for the Society of American Foresters (SAF).

The exams were added to the existing program, Certified Forester, earlier this year, Castle says, increasing the professional credibility of the designation.

SAF, founded in 1900 by Father of Forestry Gifford Pinchot, is a nonprofit organization and the largest professional society of foresters in the world.

The new online examinations are the first professional development tests offered by SAF since forester certification was initiated in 1994.

Castle worked with SAF to create a computer-based testing program that it says has been “well received” by SAF candidates, mainly because they can set the date and time for taking the test based around the demands of their job and adjust their schedules accordingly.

Founded in 1987, RTP-based Castle develops training and certification programs for government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, and trade and professional associations.

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