Cingular Wireless is introducing Mobile Instant Messaging for customers using America Online (AOL) Instant Messenger (AIM) and ICQ messaging services.

Access to the AIM and ICQ services will allow Cingular customers to use their wireless phones to manage their AOL Buddy Lists, check presence and availability of friends and family, and instant message with anyone in the AOL instant messaging community.

“The popularity of instant messaging has grown significantly and we’re excited to give our customers the additional convenience of easy mobile instant messaging wherever they go,” said Marc Lefar, chief marketing officer for Cingular. “Offering our customers with a full set of AIM and ICQ capabilities directly on their wireless phone gives them another way to customize their mobile communications.”

In September, Cingular and AOL launched PC-to-Mobile and IM Forwarding services to ensure that subscribers were able to communicate with the millions of people using text messaging services and that their messages would be forwarded to their mobile phones.