Raindrop Geomagic will concurrently release Geomagic Studio 6 reverse engineering and custom design software, and Geomagic Qualify 6 computer-aided inspection software in late November.

Geomagic software processes scan data from a physical part to generate polygon and parametric surface models. It enables manufacturers to move between the physical part and its digital model for design, manufacturing and inspection.

The improvements in large dataset handling and memory management are important for automotive and aerospace applications, where parts are typically large, Geomagic says. They will also help users from Texas Tech in a project to create a digital model of the Statue of Liberty.

Geomagic Studio 6 provides another new method for data registration. An oriented normal feature automatically detects the direction in which an object is scanned, allowing for registering multiple views of a scan model, especially for parts with thin walls.

Finally, a new technique called target registration in version 6 automatically identifies target centers for tooling balls. Multiple scans are aligned, eliminating the need for manual registration.

Geomagic: www.geomagic.com