Georgia Tech University is one of three institutions working with the Internet Software Consortium to act as a distribution point for Mozilla web applications.

The Mozilla Project also has added Oregon State and Indiana University.

The Internet Software Consortium is based in Redwood City, CA.
Among the Mozilla open source applications is the Gecko browser layout engine. Mozilla is a cross-platform toolkit for developing web applications

Myk Melez, the Mozilla project’s so-called Toolsmith, said in a statement: “ISC’s and the Universities’ contribution of reliable, high-bandwidth mirror sites to our network helped us serve hundreds of thousands of downloads of Mozilla 1.5, Mozilla Firebird, and Mozilla Thunderbird during the post-release rush last month.”

Added Karstan Schwan, director of Tech’s Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS): “Open Source is a key element of many of our research projects, including those funded by some of our corporate sponsors like IBM and those funded by federal government agencies like the National Science Foundation. We are therefore happy to support nationally acclaimed Open Source efforts.”

Mozilla Foundation: