Oculan, a developer of network management hardware and software, is entering into a new market and has a major new distribution partner.

Oculan has reached a distribution and manufacturing agreement with Arrow Electronics. Under the deal, Arrow will distribute Oculan’s management devices. Arrow also will manufacture the hardware.

Additionally, Oculan said it will work with Arrow Enterprise Storage Solutions as part of a move into network storage.

“The Arrow agreement is a milestone,” Oculan’s Darrek Porter tells Local Tech Wire. “Arrow is a multi-billion dollar company with a distribution network of nearly 2,000 resellers. That doesn’t mean 2,000 resellers are going to start selling Oculan tomorrow, but it does mean we have the Arrow sales, marketing, and technical organization committed to penetrating those 2,000 resellers to resell our cool little purple boxes to a much larger market.”

Oculan’s 250 device is called “the little purple box.”

Oculan also has expanded its management team, hiring Ed Dry as director of strategic alliances. Dry has more than 15 years of experience in managing value-added reseller relationships with Microsoft, IBM, Dell and Apple. He worked with Absolute Software before joining Oculan.

Porter, who is Oculan’s vice president of marketing and corporate communications, says working with Arrow will help in two respects.

“Basically, this is about increasing Oculan’s market share, and entering a new target niche market — storage,” he explains.

Network storage is expected to be one of the strongest segments for growth in the tech sector.

Oculan recently announced the release of is 4.3 version of the purple box. It is geared for larger enterprise networks. Previously, Oculan had been focused primarily on small to medium businesses.

Oculan: www.purplebox.com