Summus and Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) are launching two mobile applications: ABC News Mobile Headlines and ESPN’s X Games Top Shots.

The applications, based on brands from The Walt Disney Co., are currently available for consumers to download through multiple wireless carriers in the United States.

The ABC News Mobile Headlines and ESPN’s X Games Top Shots applications provide wireless subscribers with photo-rich multimedia features while on the go.

Visible immediately when the subscriber opens the phone, ABC News Mobile Headlines allows users to read news stories and view images from various categories. The application is powered by BlueFuel, Summus’ platform tailored for interaction with information in the mobile environment.

The X Games Top Shots application, also powered by BlueFuel, will allow wireless subscribers to view photos showing the best tricks and stunts from the X Games and other action sports events on their personal wireless devices. The application is also interactive, as subscribers can rank photos and vote on their favorite tricks.