Mi-Co says it continues to receive excellent feedback on its latest release 3.5 of Mi-Forms for mobile data capture and digital writing capabilities.

ThotWave Technologies, a decision support and data warehouse company, is using Mi-Forms to capture data for their CRM applications. So does Edvocacy, a non profit organization for dyslexic children.

Both organizations say they “immediately” felt the “positive impacts” of the new Mi-Forms release.

Besides full support of the Logitech io Pen as a data capture device, Mi-Co says features in its new Mi-Forms release include flexibility, enhanced support for XML output, and integration with Microsoft’s Outlook and other contact management extensions.

“This is a major milestone in Mi-Co’s journey to provide cost effective enterprise level mobile data capture and digital writing solutions,” said Greg Clary, chief technology officer at Mi-Co. “We take pride in that our technology is a ‘no barriers’ solution for our enterprise customers when they are implementing digital writing.”

Mi-Co: www.mi-corporation.com