T1 Solutions and Premium Rankings say they have created a partnership that will benefit both companies and their clients.

T1 Solutions is a brokerage firm and agency for more than 15 voice and Internet service providers, offering free consulting and assistance to companies of all sizes, nationwide.

Premium Rankings is a search engine optimization firm that uses ethical and practical techniques in helping clients increase their exposure on the major search engines.

The two locally-based companies say they will complement each other in providing their customers with the pieces necessary to build a more effective e-business.

“Our clients are focused on promoting their products and services on the Internet,” said Dan Buttarazzi, vice president of Premium Rankings. “T1 Solutions can help provide the necessary bandwidth to keep our clients websites operational.”

Additionally, T1 Solutions has been a customer of Premium Rankings for nine months.

“We have seen a tremendous increase in our search engine rankings since hiring Premium Rankings,” said Jay Kallam, VP of operations for T1 Solutions, “and we decided that now would be a perfect time to form a partnership.”

T1 Solutions: www.t1solutions.com

Premium Rankings: www.premiumrankings.com