Sprint says it has learned of “slamming” and/or scamming efforts being conducted across North Carolina.

Slamming is an industry term that means a customer’s long-distance carrier is changed without the customer’s intent or permission. Scamming can mean to obtain something, such as your long-distance business, using trickery or deceit.

A number of business and residential customers have reported that callers identifying themselves as “Horizon” and claiming to be Sprint representatives are contacting Sprint customers, the company reports.

The callers offer to switch the customer’s long-distance service to another calling plan, claiming that they will represent Sprint in that transaction.

No Sprint representatives or companies representing Sprint are known to be making these calls, and Sprint says it encourages anyone who receives such calls to report them to Sprint Security.

If a customer receives such a call, they should try to get as much information from the caller as possible and provide that to Sprint Security at 1-877-451-1980.

Sprint: www.sprint.com