Paradigm Genetics is the first company to be certified under Agilent Technologies’ new certified microarray service provider program.

Since launching its microarray services business in February, Paradigm has offered research services, using Agilent custom and catalog microarrays, to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.

Earlier, the company was awarded a $32.2 million contract with the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences based in part on their demonstrated expertise in using the Agilent technology platform.

Certification for the Agilent program is granted once personnel complete a training program and the laboratory, as a whole, passes a set of assessments. To be eligible, a service laboratory must analyze microarrays on the complete Agilent gene expression platform.

“This certification constitutes a formal endorsement from Agilent that we can and continue to provide reliable microarray results that researchers can count on from sample to sample, study to study,” said Heinrich Gugger, president and CEO of Paradigm. “We offer the highest quality microarray service to a research community eager to make use of Agilent’s highly sensitive — format.”