MarketAcuity, a local technology firm, is developing a family of hardware and software products that protect web-based applications.

But before the firm bring these products to market, it is seeking industry experts to provide feedback on the proposed products and their suitability to securing an organization’s most important web based applications.

MarketAcuity will have an NCEITA-sponsored NC MarketSmart program entitled “Securing Web based Applications” to be held on Oct. 29 from 1-5 PM in RTP.

“We’ll look at some typical ‘Days in the life of the Security Manager’ scenarios, from sensing a threat condition to analyzing, assessing and formulating the right technical and organizational response,” says Sam Bayer, CEO of MarketAcuity.

Some of the scenarios that will be explored include measuring infrastructure and application logic vulnerability, assuring information privacy, detecting application usage exploitation, auditing and forensically analyzing usage, and assessing user access risk.

In addition, attendees will be albe to network with peers to see what’s working in managing the security of their web based applications, get a viewing of a soon to be released market offering and have the ability to influence its direction.

Raleigh-based MarketAcuity is soliciting IT professionals responsible for securing the IT infrastructure of their organizations.

“Preferably, they will be in a ‘hands-on’ manager or staff position,” Bayer says. “Technical and process knowledge of how network security issues are being dealt with in the organization today is mandatory.”

The most likely job titles are security architect, director of IT operations, network administrator or owner/network security practice manager. If interested, visit the MarketAcuity website or contact Sam Bayer at 919-676-7429 or