Two North Carolina-based life science firms have decided to collaborate on joint development of a new software platform.

CEM Corporation and Synthematix say the package will include a combination of database, search engine, reaction design and instrument controls. It is designed “to function as electronic institutional memory for the chemistries developed within an organization over time,” the companies said in a joint statement. Combining the platforms will “provide an integrated solution to enable chemists to quickly design and record completely new experiments, or to design around previous reactions found in the database, utilizing the scalable templates provided.”

Synthematix has developed its own software called Arthur Suite, which includes reaction planning tools.

CEM developed ChemDriver, which is reaction-monitoring software for microwave enhanced life science applications. The company, which is based in Matthews, NC, said its software accelerates chemical synthesis.

“We are pleased CEM selected us to provide the ability to help a chemist plan and perform a microwave reaction from a single workstation,” said Steve Jones, chief executive officer of Synthematix. “We believe the combined solution will provide life sciences customers with a significantly increased chemistry development capability.”

Michael Collins, president and CEO of CEM, said the combination of the software is a response to market requirements. “There is a need for an improved informatics package that is tailored to complement microwave technology,” he explained. “The market has clearly stated that the current products available do not offer adequate content or the ability to integrate the entire laboratory’s data to justify the expenditure.”