Several public and private organizations have come together to announce that the Bio NC Hotbed Campaign is underway to promote the state’s bio-pharmaceutical community.

The organizations include BioSpace, the N.C. Biosciences Organization, the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), the N.C. Biotechnology Center and the N.C. Dept. of Commerce.

The Hotbed Campaign is structured to include companies of all sizes…from emerging firms and startups to more established ones and their vendors.

“I encourage area life science organizations to participate in the Bio NC Hotbed Campaign,” said CED President Monica Doss. “With its value-added benefits, the Bio NC Hotbed Campaign allows life science companies and their vendors to join in showcasing North Carolina’s high-growth, high-impact entrepreneurial community.”

North Carolina ranks among the top five biotechnology regions in the United States, with nearly 150 biotechnology companies that generate $3 billion in annual revenues. These companies employ 18,500 North Carolinians and represent an annual payroll of more than $925 million.

The second edition of the campaign includes the Bio NC Map, which showcases participating organizations’ logos and a professional artist’s rendition of their corporate facilities. The map is enhanced through the integration of a variety of interactive components on BioSpace’s industry website.

Winston-Salem’s Targacept, which closed one of the largest venture capital rounds among biotech companies last year, was part of the first Bio NC Hotbed campaign in 2001.

Don deBethizy, Targacept’s president and CEO, said he and his company would participate in the campaign again.

“In our efforts to attract talent and investment to the region, the campaign has proven to provide an invaluable resource,” deBethizy said. “The dynamic online components of the campaign on BioSpace have helped effectively deliver Targacept’s corporate message. The increase in traffic to our corporate website we directly attribute to the Bio NC campaign.”