DataFlux Corporation, a subsidiary of SAS, is opening a corporate office in the United Kingdom.

The office, located in Marlow, England, will give DataFlux the ability to identify and explore more opportunities for its data management solutions in the European marketplace, the company says.

DataFlux recruited Lindsay Hough to establish and manage the UK office. Hough joined DataFlux from SPSS, where he served as the sales director for the UK. Previously, he was the sales director for Europe, Middle East and Africa for NetGenesis.

“As DataFlux continues to add more international functionality to our industry-leading technology, we are now uniquely positioned to serve the data management marketplace in Europe,” said Tony Fisher, president and general manager of DataFlux. “Lindsay’s talent and experience in delivering sales in Europe will help us expand our customer base throughout the region.”

DataFlux technology contains functionality designed to help companies verify and standardize contact information…such as addresses and phone numbers…in different regions. It can help standardize name, address, supplier, product and other types of data across different language and locale boundaries.

With support for all major European languages and geographies, DataFlux says it is well positioned to bring comprehensive, end-to-end data management solutions to European organizations.

“Companies around the world have the same problems with data…incomplete, incorrect or unreliable information that can significantly hinder the ability to make informed decisions about their business,” Hough said. “My experience in designing and delivering solutions for European organizations gives me the ability to truly understand the data challenges they face, and I’m excited about the technology that DataFlux offers this marketplace.”

The UK office will be the base of DataFlux operations in Europe. Staff in this office will be responsible for sales and customer management for DataFlux customers in Europe and report to the corporate headquarters, which conssits of 35 people in Cary.