Peopleclick has received certification from the HR-XML Consortium, an independent, non-profit, and vendor-neutral organization.

One of the first companies to achieve certification as part of the consortium’s new HRCertify program, Peopleclick demonstrated its use of open data exchange standards developed by the consortium. These standards are contributed by individuals and organizations from across the HR management domain.

“As a charter member of the HR-XML organization, Peopleclick is strongly committed to open industry standards in HR technology,” said Stephen Sasser, CEO of Peopleclick. “–By meeting these standards, we are demonstrating to our customers that we can integrate — with the other standard-compliant components of their complete human resource and workforce management solution.”

As part of the certification award, Peopleclick will be listed in the searchable registry maintained by HRcertify, offering access to customers and partners looking applications that integrate via HR-XML standards.