Haht Commerce has passed Beta testing for UCCnet services on its latest release, version 2.2, which allows subscribers to exchange and synchronize data with trading partners using XML Schema.

UCCnet services now use Extensible Markup Language (XML) Schemas for standard messaging. The new schema-based messaging complies with the new Global Data Synchronization Network standards, which govern the communication and data synchronization between UCCnet services and individual company catalogs of product information.

This technology standard, administered by the Uniform Code Council (UCC), establishes a common electronic communication architecture for companies around the world to do business with each other more efficiently and effectively.

“We are very proud to be among the first UCCnet Solution Partners to pass Schema Hardlines Beta for version 2.2,” said Terry Welty, vice president of marketing for Haht. “This new release adds functionality that will enable our customers, especially those in hardlines, to synchronize data with the global business partners in a much more effective manner.”

Additionally, Haht’s new release introduces several of the EAN.UCC System (a global standards system co-managed and administered by the UCC) schemas used to achieve data synchronization in, and between, industry verticals, such as hardlines, apparel, office supplies and fast moving consumer goods.

Haht: www.haht.com