Cingular and Nextel have completed an agreement that defines the process to which the carriers will adhere when porting phone numbers after Nov. 24, the deadline for the FCC’s Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) mandate.

The FCC recently stated that wireless carriers must port numbers even if they have not reached agreement on how to do it.

Nextel and Cingular said the companies believe that consumers will be better served if wireless carriers pursue agreements with every partner with which they might port numbers in the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas so that consumers will not experience confusion and delay.

“Cingular is committed to making sure wireless customers have a positive experience when changing carriers,” said Adam Vital, Cingular’s vice president of wireless operations and support. “Cingular has spent tens of millions of dollars on information technology and training. This agreement with Nextel is only the latest achievement in our WLNP work.”

Nextel and Cingular said other carriers should actively negotiate and work to standardize processes prior to Nov. 24 in the absence of specific FCC guidelines outlining the processes and basic technical and validation information needed to properly complete a port.