Wave7 Optics’ deal for $15 million in early September brought a dismal third quarter to an end for Georgia venture capital deals.

Some 25 deals worth $150 million have been closed for the year. The average of less than $6 million per deal is 40 percent less than deals closed a year ago.

Georgia firms closed on $427 million in 46 deals through September of 2002.

Wave7’s deal was the third largest deal in Georgia this year.

Here’s LTW’s exclusive list of Georgia venture deals, ranked according to the size of the investment:

Company; Sector; Amount (Round):

1. FlexLight, Atlanta; networking; $17 million

Investors: St. Paul Venture Capital, Accel Partners, Applied Materials Ventures, Concord Ventures, Coral Ventures.

2. Prenova, Marietta; IT services; $15.5 million (3rd)

Investors Frontenac (lead) Austin Ventures and River Cities Capital Funds

3. Wave7 Optics, Atlanta; Communications; $15 million (3rd)
Oak Investment Partners, Advanced Technology Partners, Armada Venture Partners, Lucent Venture Partners, Mellon Ventures, Morgenthaler Ventures.

4. STI Knowledge, Atlanta; Software; $14 million (1st)

Investors: Satish Sanan (individual lead) BV-Cornerstone Ventures and Mellon Ventures

5. iVivity, Atlanta, Software; $13 million

Investors: LSI Logic, HIG Capital, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Kinetic Ventures, Cordova Ventures, Bergman & Associates.

6. nuBridges, Atlanta; Software; $11 million (2nd)

Investors: hf Flagship Investments (lead), C&B Capital, GMT Capital, Noro-Moseley, Tycho and Marie Hawle Foundation and individuals

7. Procuri, Atlanta; Software; $10 million (3rd)

Investors: Insight Venture Partners

8.AppForge, Atlanta; wireless applications; $8.3 million

Investors: Grosevenor Fund, Council Centers, The Warren Group, Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Sinclair Ventures, Draper Atlantic and C&B Capital.

9. EGT, Atlanta; Digital Video; $7.4 million (2nd)

Investors: Sevin Rosen Funds, Noro-Moseley Partners, HIG Ventures, Gray Ventures, the Yamacraw Seed Capital Funds, angels.

10. Brickstream, Atlanta; Software; $6.2 million (1st)

Investors: Columbia Capital and Mohr Davidow Ventures

11. Trusted Network Technologies, Alpharetta; IT services; $6 million (1st)

Investors: Charles River Ventures and Flagship Ventures

12. Lancope, Alpharetta; IT Services; $5 million (2nd)

Investors: HIG Ventures and GMG Capital Partners

13. Q1 Labs, Atlanta; Software; $3.3 million (1st)

Investors: Business Development Bank of Canada and New Brunswick Investment Management

14. Flexlight, Atlanta; Networking; $3 million (2nd)

Investors: Coral Ventures and Concord Ventures

14. Quellan, Atlanta; Hardware; $3 million (2nd)

Investors: Cordova Intellimedia Ventures, Greenspring Ventures, ITU Ventures, National Semiconductor, University Financing Foundation and Yamacraw Seed Capital Fund III

16. CoreCard Software, Norcross; Software; $2.5 million (NA)

Investors: Intelligent Systems

16. Invistiks, Atlanta, Software, $2.5 million.
HIG Ventures, Intersouth, Imlay Investments, Atlanta technology Partners.

18. KnowledgeStorm, Atlanta; Internet services; $2.4 million.

Investors: Apex Venture Partners, Imlay Investments, Live Oak Equity Partners, Sterling Venture Partners, Total Technology Partners.

19. Qcept, Atlanta; Hardware; $2.1 million (NA)

Investors: Pittco Capital Partners (lead), Atlanta Technology Ventures and Bergman & Associates

20. Auctionworks, Atlanta; Software; $2 million (2nd)

Investors: Undisclosed

21. AfterBOT, Norcross; Software; $835,000 (2nd)

Investors: River Cities Capital Funds

22. SAK Logistics, Atlanta; Software; $500,000 (1st)

Investors: Individuals

23. RYLA Teleservices, Woodstock; IT services; $100,000 (2nd)

Investors: Sustainable Jobs Fund

24. VT Silicon, Atlanta; Hardware; NA (Seed)

Investors: ITU Ventures

25. Reflex Security Systems, Atlanta, IT security, amount not disclosed.
Not disclosed.